Why do you think that Marijuana should be legal?

How come you’re against it? Here’s a few reasons why I think it should be.

From the consumer side:

  1. For those who enjoy it; it makes everything better (food, sex, music, life in general)

  2. There are no addictive properties like cigarettes and alcohol have.

  3. It’s just a plant, no need to adulator or add anything, except fire.

  4. So many different ways to consume and enjoy so you don’t have to smoke.

From a business and government side:

  1. Huge amounts of tax revenue; although dispensaries take a long time to become profitable for the owner it’s very lucrative for governments to get the tax money.

1a. Once it does become profitable for an owner it’s great money and cash flow, opens up options to provide patients/customers with better higher quality and a wider range of products

2. Less headaches of arresting teenage kids for a couple dime bags, and it should free up prisons which are filled with nonviolent marijuana possessing folk.

3. With so many government regulations and red tape there’s very little room to BS customers, product has to be very carefully tested and labeled so you know exactly what you’re getting

4. Staff is usually very knowledgeable and can help novice patients/customers get an idea of what will be best for them.

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