What Are Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

What are feminised seeds?

There are a number of different seed types, and genders definitely play a factor in growing. The three primary seed types are regular, feminised and autoflowering. These types are sometimes mixed together to create feminised seeds that flower automatically etc. Each seed type or seed combination will provide a different growing experience and will suit a different type of grower. They will also suit different growing environments and will have a variety of pros and cons to growing them. In this article, I will focus on feminised seeds, what they are and why they have become so popular with modern growers.

What Are Feminised Seeds?

Feminised seeds are specially bred so that when they mature they will only produce female plants. Since female plants are the ones that actually flower and produce buds, there isn’t really much point in having the males around. The only growers who may actually require the male plants are those who plan on breeding their own future crops. For everyone else, the male plants can be a bit of a nightmare. They can actually damage the female plants by pollinating them and so need to be removed from the crop and grown separately or destroyed. This means the growers have to sex the plants and go through the rigmarole of removing them in time.

Why Use Feminised Seeds?

There are a number of reasons for growers to use feminised seeds. The previously mentioned issue of the male plants being one of them. They not only waste time but they waste a good deal of space and money. Traditionally to achieve the right number of female plants, growers would have to purchase around twice the seeds. This is because roughly half of a regular crop will usually be male. By the same token males can waste a good deal of space, especially for those who don’t have a lot of space to play around with. Growers who are producing a personal crop don’t really have the spare growing room to accommodate the useless male plants before they are disposed of. Feminised seeds allow growers to maximise their growing space and receive much larger yields. Males don’t just use up space, but other recourses that growers may not have a huge supply of. A grower won’t know that a plant is male until it has already used up a decent amount of the recourses needed for the healthy females. Growers need to wait until after the vegetative stage to find out the sex of their plants.

How Are Feminised Seeds Created?

One of the methods used involves stressing the female plant during flowering by interrupting her light cycle. However, the more common method uses colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate solution to spray down the female plant. Making it possible to control the sex of the seeds the plant produces without extensive biological or genetic tampering. Essentially this method plays with the hormones produced in flowering and allows the female to produce pollen sacks. This pollen is then used to breed with other female plants, only passing on the female genetic material and creating feminised seeds.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds

There are a number of feminised strains available for purchase but these are a few of the best strains on the market at the moment.

Amnesia Haze has long been one of the worlds most popular strains. This wonderful Sativa was originally born in Holland and is known for it’s uplifting and euphoric effect. She is also known for her extremely high THC content of around 21%. This strain is definitely one for socialising, being creative and watching favourite TV shows with a good range of snacks. She is moderately easy to grow, though definitely will pose a slight challenge for brand new growers. She will grow well indoors as usually, she enjoys a warm climate. The main issues with growing usually come from her susceptibility to pests and mould so she should be watched carefully.

Bubba Kush is another well known feminised strain with a long history behind it. It was named after a legendary grower called Bubba and was thought to have been born in the 90s. This strain has lasted the test of time and has also been used as a base for a number of other fantastic strains. This strain is also uplifting but a little more sedated, excellent for having a cat-like nap in a sunbeam on a Saturday afternoon. Her THC content is usually around 19% and she is well known for her chocolate coffee flavour and aroma. She is quite easy to grow and will also flourish in an indoor growing environment.

Purple Queen is not only a fantastic strain that produces amazing buds, but she is a beautiful plant. She is definitely the other end of the spectrum when it comes to effect, being a heavy Indica. Her amazing purple colouring will definitely give some added vibrancy to a growing space. In order to really achieve that perfect purple colouring, it is usually a good idea to lower her temperature towards the end of flowering. This is a perfect strain for eating one’s own weight in snack foods before having a lovely nap while a favourite cartoon plays in the background.

Sour Diesel is another world-famous classic that can be purchased in the form of feminised seeds. This strain is Californian and is a favourite the world over with all kinds of smokers and growers. She also likes a warm climate so will perform well indoors. Sour Diesel is best known for aroma and flavour which is extremely powerful, pungent and aromatic. She is also well known for being a great strain for fighting appetite loss, stress, anxiety and insomnia. The effect is certainly a soft and snoozy one but is also just great for chilling out on the couch.

These are just a few of the many amazing feminised strains available on the seed market today. Almost any strain will have a feminised version available, this is because feminised seeds are quickly becoming a staple for all kind of breeders worldwide.

Remember: It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in many countries including the UK. It is our duty to inform you of this fact and to urge you to obey all of your local laws to the letter. The Vault only ever sells or sends out seeds for souvenir, collection or novelty purposes.

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