We presume that the WA Govt weren’t aware of this when granting a license to a medical cannabis grow in the town of Collie

Just a coincidence or too many white rastas working in the WA Govt these days !

The story

The Western Australian state government has allocated $2 million for a medicinal cannabis operation in Collie to create long-term local jobs in the rapidly growing medicinal industry.
The investment from the Collie Futures Industry Development Fund will support Stage 1 of the Cannaponics Limited operation.
“WA’s South-West has optimal conditions for this industry’s agricultural requirements: coupled with the work of the McGowan Government to attract and develop industry in Collie, the region is perfectly placed for a facility of this scale,” Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan said. “This project will help to put WA at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry and will drive new, long-term jobs in Collie.”


Jamaican rastafarian slang for marijuana, typically used to describe a person with marijuana available for sale, as in collie man. Word origin is from East Indian migrant workers (also responsible for the slang ganja), who would invoke the name of East Indian goddess “Kali”, in reference to femininity and potency. Note: marijuana’s most-potent bit is the flower of an unpollinated female plant (sensimilla).
Source: The Urban Dictionary

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