Top 10 Relaxation Music Playlists

This is a recording of a live concert, so there is some crowd noise throughout. But Sigur Rós is definitely a band to have on your radar if you are looking for relaxation music. This Icelandic “post-rock” band might have been considered New-Age years ago, or maybe modern classical, but the band is so unusual it does them a disservice to name it.

The musicianship in Sigur Rós is truly the band’s focus. Lead singer Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson’s vocals are all in a language called Hopelandic, which was derived by the band. While it’s reminiscent of both English and Icelandic, it is neither, and while you think you might be able to understand what he’s singing, you can’t.

Here the band performs first with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and then by themselves. YouTube commenter JJ has the most amusing (but mostly true!) take on Sigur Rós: “Stages of listening: (1) Hey, that sounds like my cat. (2) Hey, that’s pretty good. (3) So, this is what people hear when they said God spoke to them.”

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