Things To Know Regarding U.S And Canada’s Cannabis Legalization

Last year was a great year for the cannabis industry because four states legalize the adult-use of cannabis in the general election. The states are Montana, Arizona, South Dakota, and New Jersey. Now, these states have set a stage for more states to go ahead and try to legalize cannabis in 2021. In South Dakota, the voters are ushered in marking that the use of cannabis for both adults and medical was legalized and approved in a similar election. Medical cannabis is also passed in Mississippi.

As per the research was done at the time of New Year, it has been heard that with this momentum, many other states will come forward and legalize cannabis in 2021. Let’s look at the list below regarding the states in the U.S that are most likely to legalize cannabis.

  1. New York

With the plans to legalize cannabis, Gov. Andrew Cuomo also came forward in 2020 and in the past January month shared a proposal for adult-use cannabis in his state budget. Cuomo has announced before the COVID-19 hit the U.S regarding cannabis legalization push to know which aspects of the programs related to cannabis have worked and which have not.

As the pandemic hits the country, Cuomo decided to cut his legalization proposal. Still, an executive with Canopy Growth has shared that now he is renewing his legalization proposal and will most likely do it in New York’s 2021-2022 budget.

  1. Texas

Pre-filling of various bills has been done by state lawmakers that would help expand the Texas medical cannabis program by legalizing cannabis in 2021. They will also try to legalize adult-use of cannabis in the same proposal.

  1. New Mexico

In 2020, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham renewed the proposal of legalizing cannabis and even stated the issue to the state’s legislative agenda. But there was no such announcement regarding the legalization of cannabis. Hopefully, in 2021, the government will try to legalize it.

So these are few states where legalization of cannabis will take place in 2021, and now we are moving ahead with the places where you can legally buy cannabis in Canada

  1. Quebec

Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC), the government organization will sell cannabis publicly. Around the province, currently, you will find 41 cannabis stores that will sell cannabis legally.

  1. Vancouver

As medical cannabis is legal in Vancouver, hence you will find cannabis in a privately owned cannabis dispensary that a provincial government agency is running. Nowadays, there are plenty of websites that offer cannabis, and you can order via their websites.

  1. Ontario

Legal cannabis is available for purchase in Ontario via government-owned e-commerce websites. But with the lift in the private retail licensing lottery, now the government has opened the doors for those who wish to open cannabis retail space. RightNow, there are 33 cannabis stores in Ontario that are authorized to operate.


In the U.S, many states are trying to legalize cannabis this year as it got delayed due to pandemic. In contrast, there are few places in Canada where it is legal and sold legally in stores and government-owned e-commerce websites. Thus, with this article, you will get an idea of where it is legal to buy and sell cannabis and in which states in the U.S the government is still trying to make it legal.

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