The Elections Over, But Not the Stress, Any Edibles Left?

Sales surged as people turned to gummy bears, cookies and chocolate infused with cannabis to soothe their jitters.

OAKLAND, Calif. — In the weeks leading up to November, Iashia Kilian felt her anxiety deepen.

She knew her vote in the swing state of Michigan could help decide who the next president would be. She had done everything she could to help campaign for her candidate of choice. Now, all she could do was sit back, wait and make sure she had her favorite marijuana edibles at hand.

“The panic, the anxious feelings, it has all been too much. I knew I was only going to get through it with some help,” said Ms. Kilian, 43, who lives in Center Line. “I used to be the kind of person who would judge someone, especially a mother like me, taking edibles. But you know what? Everything happening here in this country is just too much. The people need some help.”

For many people across the United States, help came in the form of gummy bears, cookies, chocolates and gel capsules, all infused with a dose of cannabis calibrated to soothe Election Day jitters. While nationwide sales information is hard to come by, companies that specialize in edibles said sales soared in the weeks leading up to the election. [Read More @ The NY Times]

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