Resource Innovation Institute Launches PowerScore Comply for State Regulatory Agencie

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Massachusetts is first state to leverage energy and water compliance reporting service

BOSTON (Sept. 1, 2020)─Resource Innovation Institute (RII) has launched PowerScore Comply, the nonprofit’s compliance reporting service available to governments who require cannabis cultivators to report their annual energy and water use. PowerScore Comply makes it quick and easy for cultivators to organize and submit to regulatory agencies their facilities’ information across a range of energy and water sources.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) is the first state regulatory agency to utilize the PowerScore Comply program. Cannabis cultivators report their performance through Resource Innovation Institute’s Cannabis PowerScore platform, a suite of advanced benchmarking tools for meeting regulations and improving resource efficiency while also reducing operational expenses and increasing competitiveness. Cultivators may choose to utilize PowerScore Comply for compliance with energy and water reporting requirements, or PowerScore Comply & Benchmark to gain further insights on how to improve facility and production efficiency of their operation.

“We’re honored that Massachusetts specified PowerScore Comply for the state’s new cannabis cultivation energy reporting requirements,” said Derek Smith, Executive Director, RII. “Massachusetts has made resource efficiency in the cannabis industry a priority, and we look forward to working with other state agencies that are looking to achieve similar results.”

Massachusetts leads the nation on energy efficiency, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) 50-State Scorecard, and is the first state to develop cannabis cultivation guidelines and regulations on energy use.

“Expectations of corporate energy and climate progress are not only on the rise among governments but also investors and consumers. So we’re seeing many of the PowerScore Comply users go beyond compliance, using the Benchmark tools to pursue further opportunities to reduce energy use and increase brand value. We applaud Massachusetts cultivators for taking energy issues seriously and demonstrating leadership,” Smith said.

In all, RII provides the PowerScore platform to support governments, utilities, cultivators and supply chain professionals who serve cultivation clients. The PowerScore Pro service goes beyond simple benchmarking to enhance resource efficiency outcomes with competitive performance reports and year-over-year insights on resource usage trends.

RII is playing a pivotal role as more states integrate resource efficiency requirements into their cannabis cultivation regulations. Recently, RII and its members helped inform California’s Title 24, Part 6, energy code proposals, which, if adopted by the California Energy Commission, will establish efficiency standards for greenhouse and warehouse cultivation facilities. California, like Illinois, has stated an intent to eventually require energy and water use reporting of its licensed cannabis cultivators.

RII also recently initiated the Cannabis Water Working Group in May 2020, bringing together stakeholders from throughout North America to establish a scientific understanding of how, and how much, water is used for cannabis cultivation so that cultivators have confidence in taking steps to be more efficient, and so that industry leaders, governments and media can be accurately informed about the range of water practices of today’s regulated market.

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About Resource Innovation Institute: Advancing Resource Efficiency to Cultivate a Better Cannabis Future

Resource Innovation Institute (RII) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance resource efficiency to cultivate a better cannabis future. Founded in 2016 in Portland, OR, USA, RII’s Board of Directors includes the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), a former board member of the US Green Building Council and leading cannabis industry players. Its Cannabis PowerScore benchmarking tool represents the world’s largest dataset on cannabis energy use. RII’s Technical Advisory Council is the leading multi-disciplinary body assessing the environmental impacts and best practices associated with cultivation resource issues. RII’s Efficient Yields cultivation workshops are the only grower-led, non-commercial venues for the exchange of resource efficient cultivation best practices. RII is funded by utilities, foundations, governments and industry leaders. Visit our website at Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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