Real Inventory In Real-Time

As cannabis businesses become larger and more complex there has been an equal rising in the number of moving parts. This causes businesses and their employees to need as much real-time information as possible. This is best embodied with inventory. If there is a breakdown in communication around inventory, whether it’s how much flower of a particular strain you have or how many t-shirts you have, then there is undoubtedly going to be more work, lost sales and worst of all, disappointed customers. With Viridian Sciences’ real-time inventory system you’ll be able to keep operations moving smoothly and efficiently.

As a cultivator, real-time inventory will keep operations flowing by being able to track everything from your grow medium to what goes out of the door. As supplies are consumed through the life cycle of the plants you’ll be able to track consumption, inventory levels, and associated costs for it all. With the added business analytics you’ll be able to maintain an uninterrupted flow of supplies coming in and maximize the flow of flower going out, viewable in real-time from any device.

Analytics dashboard

When working in an extraction lab or processing facility real-time inventory is the difference between ensuring there is no loss in productivity and spending money on wasted labor hours. By being able to track everything from solvents to filters and packaged finished goods you can ensure that your team is always able to work on the products that are in highest demand. With Viridian Sciences’ real-time inventory system you’ll be able to know how much product you have on hand so that you don’t oversell any of your customers or run out of critical raw materials.

Working at a dispensary, above all others, has the most to benefit from real-time inventory management, especially in the changing world we live in. With Viridian Sciences you’ll be able to keep inventory levels matched between your e-commerce system and the real world so that over committing product is a thing of the past.People joke about being sold out, is a great problem to have, when in reality it disappoints customers and opens up the door to them switching loyalties. In addition to real-time inventory you’ll also be able to track key metrics on the inventory coming in and going out.

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