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Carvone, a monoterpene, is found in even higher concentrations, up to almost 80 per cent in some cannabis plants, and has demonstrated antiviral, decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Free from the restrictions of the Cannabis Act, Grant is able to buy and process cannabis roots, which she sources from Ontario farmers, and sell her products on the regular bricks-and-mortar consumer market. She can also promote and package it, and build an audience, without the same government restrictions that other cannabis companies face.

Eventually, the plan is to develop wellness products from all parts of the plant, including those that fall under the recreational-use regulations.

For now, empyri is carrying three products tailored towards women, with five additional products in development. Grant also has plans for a men’s line, as well as a line of cannabis teas, in 2021.

But she is not stopping there. “My goal in the next 18 months to two years is to look at launching a recreational cannabis line,” she says.

As part of that next step, the company is hoping to eradicate some of the stigmas that still surround the plant by focusing on the scientific and therapeutic elements of cannabis.

“It’s an uphill battle,” Grant says. “We’re investing heavily in education, blog writing and making videos to try and educate the consumer about the safety and efficacy of these products, and then, eventually, the medical benefits of recreational and medical cannabis,” she adds.

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