New Mexico Judge Wants To Loosen Medical Cannabis Reciprocity

Reciprocity has long been an issue in the state of New Mexico, and one that has been up for debate for some time. Now, a district court judge wants to make a change to current law, ruling that reciprocal medical cannabis patients should be able to access cannabis even if they have a recommendation to use medical cannabis from another state.

If this ruling passes, those with New Mexico medical cannabis cards will be able to get cannabis in other states that allow reciprocity, and those with cards from other states will be able to get cards in New Mexico. This will expand the industry and the patients flooding in to use medical cannabis in New Mexico.

“The court held that a reciprocal patient can have a proof of authorization and an ID from different jurisdictions, because the department was trying to say that, that you could only become a reciprocal patient if you had your proof of authorization, and your ID from the same jurisdiction,” said Jacob Candelaria, attorney for Ultra Health, a New Mexico-based medical cannabis producer who wants to see this change happen and filer to have this new order passed.

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