It is ‘shore’ love!

Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, February 10

The heart of Indians residing abroad have always been longing for the betterment of their motherland. While working and earning, they often remember the shores they have come from and to fulfill the desire of seeing their people and the place of origin in better shape, they can go to any extent, even part with the hard-earned money for which they have to leave for foreign lands.

For long, non-resident Indians have been contributing for the construction of religious places. In almost every village one can see beautifully constructed gurdwaras, temples, deras but the charity has further branched out and NRI’s have started contributing to other sectors also.

In Haripur village, NRIs have been instrumental in setting up of sewage treatment plant, a dispensary, gyms, a well-maintained park and what not.

It is no more a village, where the residents would face problems of overflowing sewerage emanating foul smell all day long, and would pass through a filthy pond. Today, two ponds paired with the surroundings of a beautiful park and walkway enamours residents. While one is used to preserve treated water, other stores rainwater.

Jagtar Singh, an NRI who has been living here in the village these days, shared that they have been helping the village under ‘Haripur Vikas Committee’, especially formed to contribute to the village.

Jagtar is the vice-chairman of the committee, while his counterpart, NRI Joga Singh, who is in Canada, is the chairman. He lists out the chronology of works. “We felt the need to build a dispensary for the people of village and did so in 1983. Then in 2017, we constructed a sewerage treatment plant.” To ensure that village’s youth don’t get pulled towards wrongdoings, three gyms, including an indoor gym, have also been raised.

Jagtar said there were more plans in the kitty for the village. “Our dream is to see the village grow and people should live here without facing any problems. I, along with Joga Singh, and other NRIs are fully committed to our birthplace,” he said.

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