How to Calm a Super Energetic Pet x Lazarus CBD Dog Treats

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Lazarus Naturals.

Like most beagles, Stella loves to run, jump, and play all day long. I’m always impressed by how much power she still has after an hour-long of fetch. Playtime is an absolute must, so a trip to the park has been an essential part of Stella and I’s day-to-day routine. If not, there will be a price to pay – a needy, hyper dog that won’t leave you alone!

For the longest time, I thought she was the most energetic pet in the world. But Stella comes from a high-energy dog breed, Beagles. It’s just in her nature to be on the go.

So, my fiancé and I have been on the hunt for ways to calm her down. From running miles to endless tug of wars, nothing seems to work as well as CBD treats. They’re useful, healthy, and, more importantly – Stella loves them!

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