Find Out How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Hair Follicles

Find Out How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Hair Follicles

How Does Weed End up in Hair?

Usually, it requires one small sample, around half an inch in length to determine the presence of THC in the body, which is the main intoxicating compound of the marijuana plant. However, there are two ways how the pot can end up in hair.

One is through an oily excretion on the smoker’s skin, while the other is more of a second-hand contact when follicle gets exposed to the smoke.

But, let’s explain this a bit further!

In the first case scenario, the person’s skin oils move the THC from the bloodstream to the hair. This is the most reliable detection of previous marijuana use. You must be wondering why?

Well, THC can only be absorbed through the fat, not water. On the other hand, your metabolic rate plays a crucial role in how much time does thc stay in your hair. For instance, individuals who have more body fat will keep THC longer than people will less body fat.

Additionally, the frequency can also affect the results and increase the chances of discovering marijuana in the body. Based on some study in 2017, daily consumers ended up with positive results. Nearly half of those who toked weekly were tested positive, while people who haven’t smoked within the last three months came up with negative tests.

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