Does CBD Oil Expire? Let’s Take a Closer Look

CBD oil has astounded the world with its incredible benefits, but does its power last forever? Can CBD oil expire? If you are curious to find out, we may be able to help.

Just like any other natural product, the shelf life of CBD oil majorly depends on three aspects – Formulation, Packaging, Storage.

In most scenarios, CBD oil, when stored properly, can last for one year at least, which is enough for you to reap all its benefits. However, the shelf life can also extend to two years for high-quality products.

If you wish to maximize the longevity of CBD il, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Today, we are going to discuss some of the factors that tend to play a role in increasing or decreasing the shelf life of CBD oil.


It is always nice to look at a packaging that’s chic and fancy, but it won’t be much of a treat if it doesn’t serve the functionality.

The right kind of packaging is essential because exposure to light can often degrade the quality and potency of the CBD oil. Therefore, how the products are packaged is very important if you want the product to last longer. The best way to ensure proper packaging would be by using a container that is dark and made of glass. Because of this reason, you will notice that most CBD tinctures do not use clear, white containers.


The expiration date of any product will depend on the ingredients, and it includes all of them. As there are several product formulations available in the market, it is nearly impossible to track the exact shelf life.

Because of this reason, you might notice that the shelf life of an isolate, broad-spectrum, full-spectrum or other supplements will vary significantly in longevity.


Most weightage would go to the storage part when it comes to enjoying the benefits of CBD oil for a long duration. When you store the product, you need to ensure that it is away from humidity, heat, and light. Depending on how long you wish to use the product, you have to keep these three elements in mind.

Some essential storage tips include –

● Keep your CBD oil inside a cupboard.
● Try to keep air exposure as limited as possible. Seal the bottle almost immediately after use.
● Do not store CBD oil anywhere close to hot appliances.
● Avoid placing CBD oil on a counter, in your purse, or your car, especially during the summer season.

If you buy a product from a reputed brand and follow these storage tips judiciously, you will be able to store it for a decent amount of time. If you are in search of a good brand, you can give Hemp Tree CBD oil a shot.

When it comes to CBD oil usage and storage, there may be a few questions that tend to come to the mind.

Is It Possible to Store CBD Oil in the Fridge?

It isn’t a hard and fast rule that you should store your CBD oil in your refrigerator. However, it may seem like a good idea if you are buying them in bulk or aren’t a regular user. If you do not plan to use up the entire product in a few months, you may want to store it in a fridge.

It is also important to remember that when you store CBD oil in your refrigerator, it will thicken up. If you have oils, tinctures, or other liquid CBD products, it may become difficult to dispense when stored in the fridge.

How to Figure Out Whether the Product Has Gone Bad?

The sign you should look out for would be the smell. Similar to milk, your CBD oil will also develop a similar rancid smell when it does bad, and it will be difficult to miss. If you have the product at home for more than a few months and would want to know whether it is fine, all you need to do is a sniff test.

Other signs that indicate if your CBD oil has gone bad would be the appearance, texture, and taste. The oil might start looking cloudy when it expires. Do not confuse changes in colour to be another one of the signs, because CBD oil tends to change colour with time.

The best way to tell would be by shaking the tincture to notice any change in the texture or appearance.

Does the CBD Content Reduce Over Time?

Though your CBD oil hasn’t expired, it is crucial to remember that the CBD content can degrade with time. If a product is tested in test right after production and a year after, it is going to show a visible difference in the CBD content. Because of this reason, people who buy CBD products in bulk prefer freezing them to maintain their potency.

Important Note

Though CBD oil is safe, it is always wise to keep it away from children. If you have kids at home, you cannot keep your CBD oil lying around in the house. If taken in excessive amounts, it can lead to specific side effects, such as lethargy and stomachache.

Closing Thoughts

Irrespective of whether your CBD product has an expiry date mentioned, you should know that it will expire ne day. However, you can keep these tricks in mind to elongate its longevity. And in case it goes bad, you also know how to figure that out.

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