Could CBD Help with Your Bone Health?

Could CBD Help with Your Bone Health?

There is ever-increasing interest and research in cannabidiol (CBD) as a candidate for treating a range of conditions, from chronic pain to anxiety. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and restorative properties make it a versatile yet natural option. Now, some preliminary studies indicate that CBD may also improve bone health. What does the science say, and should you consider CBD for your bone issues?

CBD’s Effect on Bone Healing

Most CBD users know that cannabidiol supports the body’s regenerative processes by promoting balance and stimulating cellular connection. This makes CBD an attractive treatment option for acne, muscle recovery, and other painful conditions. However, some exciting research suggests that CBD’s effects can go even deeper.

Several studies have indicated that CBD consumption decreases alveolar bone loss in patients with periodontitis. Moreover, CBD reduces the impact of unchecked osteoclast activity, which breaks down bone in conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Further research has suggested that CBD also aids bone remodeling after a break and reduces the likelihood of further fracturing. It works by improving the availability and density of collagen, which provides a matrix for new bone tissue growth with improved density. As with most of CBD’s effects, its regulatory role in our body’s endocannabinoid system is key to its impact.

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