CBD Side Effects

Since CBD is used for so many different ailments, there are a lot of side effects to compare and contrast. That said, the above-mentioned 2017 review compared CBD side effects against traditional medications, predominantly in epilepsy and psychotic disorders, and found that, “in comparison with other drugs used for the treatment of these medical conditions, CBD has a better side effect profile.”

When CBD is used for pain, it’s useful to compare the side effects with those of traditional painkillers. Opiate drugs used for pain management carry a host of severe side effects, including addiction, disorientation, extreme sluggishness, and even death from overdose. When compared with these medications, CBD is notably more safe and carries fewer serious side effects.

Although cannabidiol is all the rage, we’re still in the beginning stages of research. What we need are strong and consistent studies that show proper dosage, proper frequency, reliable ways to minimize side effects, and which CBD products to avoid. It’s also important to study the long term effects for people who use CBD regularly.

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