CBD Oil for Restless Legs

Do you often get a strong urge to move your leg to relieve an unpleasant sensation? Do you find that this sensation often creeps when you’re sitting still, lying down, or trying to sleep? Does moving your leg or walking provide temporary relief from the sensation?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then you’re probably suffering from restless leg syndrome (RLS), which gets works in the evening or night.

What Causes RLS?

There’s no known, clear cause for RLS. However, medical professionals and researchers believe the condition might be caused by an imbalance of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that sends messages to control muscle movement. Some of the factors thought to cause RLS include:

  • Genetic history – You’re more likely to suffer from RLS when it runs in the family. It’s thought to be hereditary if the condition starts before age 40.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy can affect hormonal imbalance resulting or worsening RLS, especially in first-time pregnancies. In this case, the symptoms disappear after delivery.
  • Peripheral neuropathy – Damage to the nerves in your hands and feet from an accident or chronic diseases like diabetes and alcoholism can result in RLS.
  • Iron deficiency – Iron deficiency can cause or worsen RLS. It’s most likely to worsen when you repeatedly donate blood or have heavy menstrual periods.
  • Kidney failure – Patients suffering from Kidney failure might also suffer from iron deficiency worsening RLS.
  • Spinal cord conditions – Injury or damage to the spinal cord has been linked to RLS. The use of anaesthesia to the spinal cord can also increase the chances of developing RLS.

Treatments for RLS

Despite RLS being a common condition, there’s no cure for the condition. However, various alternatives can help in managing the condition and minimising the effects of the symptoms.

Most of the treatments are natural and often effective:

Iron for restless leg syndrome

Studies have shown that restless legs are often caused by low levels of dopamine in the brain. Most prescription RLS treatments are designed to increase dopamine levels, and iron is a key contributor to the production of dopamine.

Patients can improve their iron levels through IV iron infusions or eating foods that are rich in iron. Depending on the severity of the condition.


Many patients have reported significant improvement in restless leg syndrome after using CBD. CBD has numerous essential chemicals and is currently being studied as a treatment for RLS.

How CBD can Help in Management of RLS

CBD has numerous benefits. Some of these are vital in managing the symptoms of RLS:

Relaxation – CBD can help your entire body and mind relax, reducing activity and chances of the symptoms of RLS creeping in when you’re resting.

Neuropathic benefits – For cases like peripheral neuropathy and other nerve damage, CBD can aid in the healing of the nerves and restoring full function. CBD also helps in maintaining nerve health to avoid RLS.

Homeostasis – CBD is best known for its ability to restore order and balance in the body. In cases where the levels of dopamine are upsetting the balance and causing RLS, CBD can help to restore the balance.

Being a natural product, you don’t have to worry about dealing with side effects when using CBD. Some of the best CBD products for RLS are CBD tinctures, CBD Massage oils, or topical creams.

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