Can CBD Help With Oral & Dental Health?

Can CBD Help With Oral & Dental Health?

CBD has a mile-long list of wellness benefits and today we’re exploring a popular trending question: Can CBD Help With Oral & Dental Health?

It seems as though for many people around the world, CBD has a positive and powerful affect on their overall wellness.

And with more and more results proving that CBD is a fantastic wellness addition to your health routine, we want to share what we know about oral health.

Types Of Oral Issues

Have you ever experienced:

  • a toothache?
  • swelling inside the mouth?
  • tender areas inside the mouth?
  • bleeding or swollen gums?
  • chronic bad breath?
  • cold or hot sensitivities?
  • gingivitis?

If you nodded yes to any of the above issues or more you can attest to the fact that having any kind of oral pain can be excruciating, right?

And raise your hand if you love going to see the Dentist! ( insert: crickets chirping) Nobody loves it.

CBD Oil Benefits For Better Dental Health

You might want to try CBD oil if you have:

  • Symptoms of anxiety about dental visits
  • You have poor sleep patterns
  • Experiencing chronic dental/oral pain
  • Drinking hot or cold water is painful
  • Digestive problems after using anesthesia or numbing agents
  • You have receding gums
  • You’ve been diagnosed with having gum disease

CBD has been proven to help support people in decreasing their PTSD and anxiety symptoms, and going to the Dentist is no different.

A lot of people suffer from severe anxiety when it comes to going to the Dentist.

And because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, which have loads of clinical and scientific studies, you might feel better after any type of dental procedure if you take some CBD oil.

How To Take CBD Oil for Dental Pain

If you’re experiencing any kind of dental pain either before your visit or afterward, CBD Oil may be a great way to help combat your discomfort.

Please always discuss your CBD use with your Dentist or Doctor, especially if you’ll be taking any prescription medication, but here are some easy and beneficial ways to take CBD:

  1. CBD oil – under the tongue! You’ll want to dose low and slow, to make sure your body accepts and eases into using CBD. Taking it under your tongue, otherwise referred to as sublingually, can take almost instant effect.
  2. CBD Capsules – for those who don’t want to taste anything, but experience all of the wellness benefits. Just be sure to check how much CBD is in each capsule so you are confident and aware.
  3. CBD gummies – these edibles are a great, tasty, and fun way to consume CBD! Edibles do take longer to take effect, so just be mindful of that.

You can always cook or bake with CBD as well, but the above three methods are generally the easiest and most convenient.

Can I Rub CBD Oil on My Gums?

You absolutely can!


If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, rubbing a small amount of CBD oil directly to your gums may provide you with some much-needed relief.

If you’re currently experiencing periodontitis, CBD can help to prevent severe inflammation and some bone loss.

Add CBD oil to your daily dental routine if you struggle with inflamed or receding gums for wellness relief with results!

DIY CBD Gummies Recipe

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own CBD gummies at home, we have a fantastic recipe for you below.

Homemade cannabis gummy bears with weed buds

Our DIY Gummy Bears are easy to create so you can easily dose cannabis discretely!

4.42 from 12 votes

Cuisine: European

Keyword: Bears, CBD, Do-it-yourself, Gummy

Calories: 200kcal

Author: Steph Van De Ven

  • 300 mg CBD oil or tincture
  • 1 package of JELLO (85g/3 oz size)
  • 1 tablespoon gelatin
  • 1/2 cup water
  • gummy bear molds
  • Pour 1/2 cup of water into a sauce pan set on low heat

  • Add 1 package of Jello (85 size/3 oz size)

  • Add 1 tablespoon of gelatin

  • Mix until all dissolved and then remove from heat

  • While still hot, Add your CBD tincture/oil and whisk well

  • Using the dropper add into your mold

[embedded content]

The following video is a different recipe that shows how to make the tincture from scratch. It also shows how it is made using fruit juice for a more healthier option. You can follow the recipe you prefer.

Calories: 200kcal | Fat: 20g

As always, we urge you to stay on top of your wellness by ensuring that you visit and speak with your dental and medical professionals on a regular basis to avoid more pain or discomfort.

For more tips and tricks or to try some more baking of cooking with CBD, you can go here.

Share your comments with us below, we’d love to hear from you!

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