Best Strains to Boost and Maintain Productivity

As a person that wants to meet their goals, be successful at something, or simply accomplish a long-term or immediate goal; focus and productivity play a major role. There is no productivity without focus and there is no focus without a passion for what you’re doing. Sometimes passion can prove to be more than enough.


There are times when focus is just not there. Times when no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to be able to sit down for a couple hours and do the work that needs to be done. In other words, your ‘flow state’ is just not easily coming to you.

For those moments, people across the globe have different ways of coping and handling it. In some cases, it’s an early morning yoga session or a jog around the block to get the juices flowing. Which to be honest, are techniques that work magic on my morning routine.

But even those techniques fall a little short sometimes. That’s why we pair them with coffee, black/red tea, or whatever your morning drink is. Some of my cigarette smoker friends pay tribute to a morning cig with a cup o’ joe to motivate them off the bed and onto the desk chair.

But it’s not cigarettes, coffee, and exercise I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about how weed and cannabis concentrates can be a perfect pairing for any of those morning ‘get me started’ activities, and how contrary to popular belief, not all weed leaves you groggy and feeling foggy. In fact, I’m here to talk about how weed can actually lift you over the edge when it comes to productivity and focus.

As a professional writer I struggle to write in the evenings. Usually I’m up by 5:30am and trying to get a full article under my belt before 8:00am. This morning routine is seldom a hassle for me. But working at night can prove to be a bitter foe. My body and mind are tired, my thought processes aren’t the same, and I tend to make grammatical mistakes when I’m tired. That’s where a nice fat blunt, a joint, or a rip on the bong come in handy. It’s just like an extra boost of motivation, clear-headedness, and creativity.

That said:

I thought I’d make a list of the strains that do it for me. How they have worked so far, and the pros and cons they’ve had on my productivity.

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