Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression (TOP 5 Brands for August 2020)

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression (TOP 5 Brands for August 2020)

Over the years, there has been tons of studies done to determine the effects of CBD and if it does work in easing anxiety, stress, and depression.

For one, there’s this 2010 study Based on its results, CBD has the potential to reduce social anxiety symptoms in people diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. Apart from that, the same research also found out that the said substance changed the way the patients reacted to anxiety.

And then, there’s this 2014 study. Based on the study, CBD oil has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. Although it involved an animal model, the result revealed an interesting finding for humans.

In 2015, a report was published in Neurotherapeutics. The scientists involved in the said study were able to conclude CBD oil’s capacity to help in the potential treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

Clearly, most studies done on CBD oil showed how effective it can be as potential treatment for anxiety and its symptoms. However, as with anything you take for your health, it’s best if you get to know your options and determine what you’ll be taking for your body.

CBD oil is not regulated by the FDA in the United States, unlike your traditional anxiolytics. Similar to other food supplements, there’s no solid way for consumers to actually know if the CBD oil they are using is pure or not.

You could be taking a CBD oil loaded with synthetic ingredients and you wouldn’t even know it. For someone who’s having difficulty coping with anxiety, the effects of such ingredients can be difficult to fathom.

This is why you should really know your options and be thorough in reading reviews. Check if the CBD oil you plant to purchase is safe, pure, and of high-quality.

There are a couple of criteria you can use to check the quality of your CBD oil for anxiety. Below is a quick overview:

Where the CBD oil is made

Choosing a company is critical in determining your CBD oil’s quality. You see, brands have different extraction methods and ways of processing CBD or cannabidiol oil.

With that, you may want to research the brand’s production method. Find out how their CBD oils are extracted. As much as possible, stick with brands that use CO2 extraction as it’s considered to be the best and safest way to extract CBD oil.

The source

The cannabis plant has this ability to absorb anything that’s within its environment. So if you use an oil that has been extracted from a hemp plant grown in poor soil, the result will be unsatisfactory, too.

Third-party lab testing

Reputable CBD oil brands and companies should have third-party lab results ready and accessible to its consumers. You can look for them in the packaging of your oil or the brand’s website.

If you can’t find it online, you can always email them about the results or any evidence of their products getting tested.. If you don’t get a reply, consider looking at other companies.

Getting a certain CBD product tested by a separate lab is important. The result will serve as an evidence of its quality.

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