Best CBD for Sleep and Insomnia

Best CBD for Sleep and Insomnia

CBD for sleep and insomnia is favored by many of those looking for natural sleep aids. Sleep disorders, ugh. 70 million people today, experience insomnia, lack of sleep, or other sleep disorder. As a result of sleep deprivation, people encounter feelings of irritation, headaches, lack of concentration, mood swings, and more.

The problem with the typical pharmaceutical drug treatment of insomnia is that they only curb the symptoms and not really the actual problem. In doing this, medication needs to be continuous to work, which is troublesome for those that are affected by side effects. Side effects of these medications include inflammation, dependence on the medication, and horrible withdrawal feelings.

This is why CBD is becoming a safer more viable option for insomnia. CBD treats the issues that bring on insomnia, such as depression, pain, anxiety, and stress. Using CBD for sleep has no side effects and is completely safe for human consumption.

Can CBD oil help for sleep and insomnia?

Roughly 70 million people, in the United States alone, suffer from dreaded insomnia. The result of sleep deprivation is being irritable, headaches, mood swings, lack of concentration, and slowed-down metabolism. CBD is commonly thought to have a sedative effect, however, it turns out, that in small doses, CBD seems to be moderately alerting.

Research on CBD treatments shows that CBD improves sleep quality. The use of CBD oil shows to boost the REM sleep phase in sufferers of PTSD as well as reduces REM behavior disorders for those that battle neurological problems. People with chronic pain find that CBD use helps alleviate insomnia. Insomnia is further addressed by CBD oil by its help in reducing anxiety. This is done because of the increase in serotonin movement in the brain.

CBD, in small doses, can also be used to reduce daytime sleepiness. Small doses of CBD are used to encourage alertness.

How does CBD help for sleep and insomnia?

Our body’s nervous and immune systems house high concentrations of CB1 receptors. When CBD is introduced, it spurs alterations in the movement of hormones and the neurotransmitters in both the body and the brain. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and other chemicals in the brain to make this happen.

Where do I buy CBD for sleep and insomnia?

CBD treatments for insomnia could include CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD tinctures, creams gummies/edibles, and more.

We have curated a list of some of the best CBD products for sleep on the market today.

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CBD Pure is a pretty risk-free introduction into the world of CBD, the brand offers a 90-day money-back guarantee with all of their products.

CBD BioCare’s manufactures CBD oil and skin creams with zero THC. This is a great product for those worried about drug tests.

Diamond CBD has a pretty extensive product line. If you are looking for CBD oils (flavored and unflavored), gummies, and creams, this may be your brand. Spend $100 or over and get FREE SHIPPING.

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