5g CBD Pre-Roll (Singles)

5g CBD Pre-Roll (Singles)


Choose your strain variety for a single pre-roll packaged and ready to be smoked. If you want to save more, check out our 10-pack of pre-rolls.

T-1: This strain is full of citrus and fruity flavors. There is a taste of berries, maple and sandalwood. It keeps you calm cool and collected for hours on end. If you enjoy relaxing on the couch, this strain is for you.

Suver Haze: This strain is sativa dominant. The taste is earthy with a hint of orange. It is typically high in CBD and terpenes. The terpenes allow for you to smell and taste the orange flavor. The effects are typically, uplifting, while feeling relaxed.

Sour Space Candy: The smell is very strong and funky with hints of citrus. When smoking Sour Space Candy, you get tastes of sweet, candied apples and a hint of cherry. The overall flavor profile is complemented by the earthy undertones of bud. The effects are more of an upper than a downer.

Lifter: This strain has an earthy aroma with hints of citrus. It is smooth and has a major taste of lemon. It helps you focus, while feeling relaxed. This is a great one to try during the daytime.

Hawaiian Haze: This strain has a nice fruity aroma with hints of pineapple and mango. There is a hint of pepper, although not spicey. People who use Hawaiian Haze, report a “Heady sensation”. Typically, people feel chatty and highly energized. This is recommended for morning use.

Cherry Wine: Cherry Wine has a sweet cherry smell along with hints black pepper and cheese. The rich terpene profile gives the flower her relaxing therapeutic effect and a subtle smell. This plant is a hybrid of sativa and indica. This strain would go well with a nice glass of red wine.

Berry Blossom: As an indica-dominant strain, Berry Blossom leans more towards the sedative side of the CBD spectrum. Berry Blossom is great for relaxing and can even be taken before bed. After a dose, you can enjoy a subtle lightness that can support calm wakefulness or a deep slumber. Whichever, you feel you need most at the moment.

BaOx: This strain has strong hints of lemon and citrus. This a hybrid of sativa and indica. The main impact of BaOx is relaxation. A single bowl can help relieve a number of physical and cognitive nuances, giving the sense of well-being and calmness. This strain also, allows for a high level of concentration.

Cherry Blossom: Cherry Blossom has an overtone of candied raspberries, acai berries and pine. This strain creates a relaxing effect and is great for stress and mental clarity. The buds are light and fluffy with complex floral and cherry aromas.

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