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On this video males’s fashion, grooming and health professional, aaron marino of discusses his private views relating to marijuana aka pot.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is nervous about this video as a result of he stays away from controversial matters corresponding to faith and politics. Alpha has a pet-peeve that celebrities with audiences really feel justified with expressing their opinions about these controversial matters. He additionally has labored arduous too develop a model and does not wish to alienate an viewers.

Alpha goes in opposition to his higher judgement to handle a viewer query about weed and if he has any expertise with it. With all the debate about marijuana, Alpha figured he would talk about his opinion and expertise. So, has he ever smoked pot? Sure he has- in highschool and faculty. He did not like the sensation of paranoia and he did not have cash. His roommates again then began utilizing it extra and rising it so he moved out. Since then, all marijuana use ceased. He hasn’t touched the stuff in like 12 years as a result of:
He likes to be in command of his thoughts and actions. He likes being sober.
He has an excessive amount of to do! He is passionate and excited! Smoking pot wouldn’t assist him do what he must do.
He works too arduous taking good care of his physique and staying in form. Smoking pot could cause a rise in urge for food (ie: munchies).
He does not care to do it! While you’re youthful, it is one thing totally different and also you’re testing limits. There’s peer stress, youth riot, and tedium once you’re youthful. Now that he is older, Alpha does not have the necessity for harmful behaviors.

He’s not against it, but it surely’s not for him at present. He has profitable buddies that smoke the ‘occasional bowl’ every now and then. In his opinion, alcohol is extra harmful and addictive than marijuana. Additional, there are a lot worse medicine than marijuana. He additionally notes that marijuana has medicinal advantages. He believes it must be legalized.

When marijuana is abused or utilized in extra, motivation and success are affected. It is advisable put marijuana all in perspective and be accountable. Alpha believes in private accountability and accountability. Simply because it isn’t authorized, doesn’t suggest folks cannot get it. Individuals have to take management of their lives. In the event that they wish to smoke bowls all day, they’re much less competitors for Alpha in his life. Backside line is that Alpha is excessive on life and that’s the place to be!