A Republican strategist on Fox Information apparently thought that people who use cannabis inject the drug into their our bodies.

Throughout a phase of the Fox Information program Outnumbered on Thursday, David Avella, the president of GOPAC, mentioned a brand new decision put ahead by San Francisco officers to discuss with former prisoners as “previously incarcerated particular person” or former “justice-involved” particular person or “returning resident” once they full their sentences. Avella advised that this type of method was in some way resulting in different points, akin to individuals pooping within the streets of the California metropolis.

“California has tried to filter their prisons and but yearly they proceed to have overcrowded prisons,” the Republican strategist stated. “And the main target must be on a society that follows the legislation, not permitting individuals to defecate within the streets, not permitting people to put on the road having simply shot up with marijuana – or heroin and having a needle protruding of them.”

Though it’s unclear whether or not Avella merely misspoke or truly believes that people inject themselves with marijuana, some have been fast to level out the gaffe on Twitter. Marijuana, also referred to as cannabis, is mostly ingested by way of smoking or consuming edibles which have been ready with cannabis oil. It isn’t “shot up” or injected into the bloodstream.

Right here’s the video:


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